Top websites for newcomers

1. Vancouver City

2. Health insurance

3. Leisure

  •  JCC of Greater Vancouver: The Jewish Community Centre offers a variety of child and adult programs, swimming pool, daycare and much more! A Vancouver newcomer receives a complimentary 3 months membership! Please visit their website:

4. Finding a

5. Transportation

6. Driver’s License
After moving to Vancouver, you have 90 days to switch over your Israeli driver’s license to a Canadian one. If you have been a driver for more than two years, all you have to do is go to an ICBC branch and do a knowledge test and a road test, and you will be good to go! Further information can be found here:

7. Finding a house/apartment

8. Newspapers – There are a variety of newspapers in Vancouver including:

9. Jewish Family Service Agency – Please visit their website at

10. Neighborhoods in Vancouver

Please, check out our Yossilinks Business and Jewish Organizations Directory Tab.

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