About Yossi


Shalom! My name is Yossi Havusha and I grew up in Rishon Le-Zion, Israel. I attended Ort Netanya High School.

After my army service in the Israeli Air Force, I pursued studies at Tel-Aviv University in Computer Science and Mathematics. It was at the university that I met my wife Debbie during Israeli folk dancing. She was a student attending the International Overseas Program. We settled in Rishon Le-Zion near my mother who always gave a helping hand to all her beloved grandchildren.

In 1991 we moved to Vancouver with our four year old son Oz and twin babies, Sivan and Shani. Our Canadian son, Ari, was born in 1996. Our family is immersed in Israeli culture and Judaism while enjoying the diversity that our city of Vancouver provides.

yossilinks-logo-2015I love my Jewish roots and my Israeli community here in beautiful Vancouver. When I first came to Vancouver I wanted to connect with other Israelis and be part of a Jewish community.
I also heard from other newcomers that they wanted this too. This inspired me in 2004 to create a weekly e-newsletter called Yossilinks to share information about local events, houses for rent, jobs as well as helping newcomers with many inquiries/questions.

Over the past ten years Yossilinks’ weekly newsletter has gained a loyal following and has helped make many, many connections in our community. Yossilinks has become an informative and appreciated resource, regularly sharing what’s going on in our community.

I am proud of our ‘new’ yossilinks.com that we have created. Our new website has many new features, services and links. I hope you find our website helpful, interesting and informative while creating positive connections for you.

Yossilinks Team – Keeping us Connected