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1223590_65778170_WriteWe are looking for community minded writers that will provide interesting and relevant content to our online community.
Please submit your application to post a blog/story if you are:

  1. A newcomer to Vancouver within the last 3 years wanting to share your experience.
  2. A young adult (ages 17-27) inspired to tell a story about overcoming adversity.
  3. A senior excited to promote healthy lifestyles and resources in the community.
  4. A resident from an emerging Jewish community interested to connect others.
  5. A Jewish Historian committed to keep the stories of past and present alive.
  6. A person who wants to write about an Israeli experience or innovation.

The subject matter of your blog or story is driven from your lived experience identifying with one or more of the above.
We are looking for material that is interesting and relevant to building healthy, informed and diverse communities.

In order for us to consider your blog/story, answer three questions with 2 or 3 sentences for each.
Please make sure you have taken the time to read our Editorial Guidelines listed below.

If you would like to send us one of your favorite writing samples (max 250 words), attach this to your submission.
We will do our best to respond to your submission within 7 days from the date of your submission.
Thank you!

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    Upload a File (2MB max): Editorial Guidelines:

    1. values your time and talent as a contributor in keeping us connected.
    2. wants you to be transparent and expects your blog content to reflect how you identify with being; a newcomer, a young adult, a senior, being part of an emerging Jewish community or a part of Jewish history.
    3. is flexible with reposting because we believe in making connections.
    4. does not approve of promotional links or advertorial content to be included in your blog posting. You can however provide a link to educational content that will help connect the reader to the topic at hand.
    5. will accept photos that are from Shutter Stock, or from I stock photo that will add meaning to your content.
    6. expects proper grammar and spelling with flexibility to emerging punctuation patterns!
    7. requires word count of a blog to be between 250- 500 words.
    8. reserves the right to approve or not approve of your submission.
    9. will showcase your blog and will consider further submissions as your readership and comments rise in appeal.
    10. remains loyal in supporting Israel and promoting Israeli innovations.

    Following Editorial Guidelines are making connections and are keeping us connected.

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