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DebbieWinks — Blog #9 — September, 2023

Shalom to all and Shana Tova U’Metuka for those of you who just finished celebrating the Jewish New Year.

The greetings of Shana Tova here in Israel that wishes for a good year is said with sweet sincerity and sometimes the greetings have an Arab accent.  For the past 10 months that I am living here in Israel I have encountered many Israeli Arabs across the country who are employed in the retail service and in the medical service fields.  Israeli democracy still demonstrates this hiring process and is a reality of present-day Israeli society.

In this blog I want to capture and recount two medical experiences that I have had here in Israel.

In late January 2023, upon entering the Rambam Hospital (located at the foot of the hill of the beautiful northern city of Haifa) I felt an energy of uplifting harmonious activity from the medical staff.  I had several medical practitioners aid me in the PET scan process in late January but two stood out for me, one was an Orthodox Jew and another an Israeli Arab. I felt respected as a patient yet not seen as a patient, a social encounter of a unique type.

While waiting in the room drinking 3-4 glasses of the glucose solution, I was accompanied by 4 others.  Beside me was an elderly Russian man with bushy eyebrows that reminded me of my late father. He struck a friendly conversation and told me that he immigrated to Israel over 20 years ago to be close to his daughter and grandchildren.  We laughed a bit together while he apologized for his poor Hebrew. To my Russian comrade’s left was a mother and a daughter from a neighboring Druze village. The mother appearing in her late 70’s having had cancer several times was full of positive energy and proclaimed to me not to be afraid of this disease.  She invited me to visit her in her village. She told me that she likes her Jewish neighbors and is grateful to the state and always defends remarks that are negative.  Her daughter by her side, with beautiful blue eyes, let her chatty mother do most of the talking!  And at the end of the room furthest from me was a modestly clad middle age Orthodox Jewish woman. When she was called in first to the PET scan, she cheerfully wished all of us the best of luck.

Now what do you think of this energy field of the patients in the waiting room of Rambam Hospital!??

On another occasion I had an MRI scheduled in a mobile unit run by a private company which was adjacent to a small clinic in Or Akiva (a town which is very close to the town of Pardes Hanna where we live.)

Upon entering the reception area I submitted my papers to a disgruntled receptionist that was at the end of her shift. She was quite curt with me and overtly annoyed that I didn’t bring my CD of my PET scan. I was not intimidated by her as I have grown accustomed to the sabra nature of many… Prickly on the outside and sweet from the inside. At the end she wished me good health and good results in the sincerest manner.

Upon climbing up the stairs entering the mobile MRI unit I felt I was about to enter a rocket ship.  A young female nurse assisted the doctor with the IV insertion and when the IV needle broke I remained calm and asked the doctor his name.  His name was Arabic, and I couldn’t pronounce it. I smiled at him while he found another site for the IV.  He too was seemingly at the end of his shift.  However my shift was not over, and here I was yet another MRI of many with ear plugs and a mini microphone if I wanted to say something while remaining still for the next 40 minutes.

While lying in stillness this is the inner dialogue that I have cultivated many times over from the very narrow cylinder of magnetic forces:

“Shalom Sarcoma Salaam!

Hello to toxicity and to diversity and to polarity.

I will make peace with you regardless of the opposing unsurmountable forces and the difficulties along the way, coming to a peaceful resolution.”


Happy and Sweet New Year to you my dear readers.

Yours in sweet surrender,

Debbie Winks 😊


  1. Hi Debbie

    I would love to receive your Blogs as I recently had a PET scan at St Joe’s hospital in Hamilton, Ontario… and as a result will be starting 37 radiation treatments at Jurvincski hospital in the coming week!

    Many Blessings to you on your journey

    Kindest regards

    Scott Douglas

  2. Deborah Katz Henriquez

    Beautiful! Thank you so much Debbie for continuing to share your journey, light, and wisdom!

  3. Yes, I would like to be on the list for your blog.
    I don’t have one of my own, but receive Yossi Link emails since I don’t mind hearing about what goes on in our Jewish community and in Israel and other places.
    Be well, and a Happy and Healthy Sukkot to all.
    Ps. I don’t go on Facebook or dating sites.
    Be Well !!

  4. We miss you, but reading your blogs makes us still feel close to you. With your attitude, there is no question you’re going to beat this monster!
    All our love,❤️❤️

    Jerry and Joy

  5. Thank you Debbie for all this.
    You are an example to many.
    Wishing you and your family, a Refuah Shleima, in beautiful Aretz Israel.
    We love you here in Vancouver and miss your smiles.