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DebbieWinks — Blog #15 — March, 2024

Blog #15

Last week I went to get my passport picture taken for my soon to be expired Canadian passport.

As many of you have experienced, historically you must sit still look serious, avoid smiling and look straight ahead at the camera and then…. Presto you receive the photo that looks like a mug shot!

If you google and ask if you can smile for the photo shoot it states that smiling is now ok, but you cannot open your mouth and show your teeth.

As stated by a recent google entry of Feb 22, 2024:

“If you are about to get a new photograph for your passport application, one thing is certain: you need to ensure your photo meets all passport photo rules. Smiling in biometric photos is allowed, however your eyes must be fully visible, and you must keep your mouth closed.”

The man in charge of my photo regulations a long-time owner of 30 years of the photo shop on the main strip of Pardes Hanna also asked me to expose my ears!!

Upon paying for the service a typical friendly and controversial Israeli conversation ensued. A discussion of the shop owner’s belief that there is no god, and the atrocities of October 7th is proof of that. He further elaborated that we must all be good human beings and that the kippah (Jewish skullcap) is not proof of a superior human being. I listened respectfully smiling inside to myself and stayed aligned to my belief in godliness and goodness. Of course this valid disputed discussion is ongoing since monotheism came onto the world stage.

As we enter the second month of Adar and the excitement of Purim and its’ festivities to increase our happiness continues, let us never forget how to smile, laugh, and dance post Hadar Aleph and Bet! These two months of our leap year are much needed ammunition to load up with happiness and smiles despite what hatred our Jewish nation is facing and has faced for thousands of years!

Happy Purim!!!

Yours in happiness😊

Rachel Devorah


  1. Yes please add me to DebbieWinks blog.

    Debbie taught me more basic Hebrew that I REMEMBER than any other teacher of the many I have had.

    Next year in Jerusalem, Debbie!!

  2. My dearest friend,
    Thanks yet again for infusing a healthy dose of life’s worth into a very challenging time and it’s ensuing downs and gloominess.
    יישר כח