Why are we bringing Monica Lewinsky to Beth Israel for Selichot?

Why are we bringing Monica Lewinsky to Beth Israel for Selichot?


What is Selichot?

Selichot is an annual evening which serves as a spiritual and emotional transition into the High Holydays, encouraging individuals to examine their actions and attitudes, seek reconciliation, and prepare for the process of atonement during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

It is an important time for self-reflection, seeking forgiveness from others, and reconnecting with one’s faith and community.

We are excited to have a beautiful musical Selichot Service led by our very own Ba’alat Tefilah, Debby Fenson and Harley Rothstein.

Why Monica Lewinsky?

Every year at Congregation Beth Israel, we have a tradition of having a meaningful and relevant program connected to the High Holydays and Selichot theme preceding the Selichot Service.

This year we are excited to welcome Monica Lewinsky to our congregation for a fireside chat with Rabbi Infeld on the following topics:

  • Mental Health
  • Online Harassment
  • Lifetime Choices Made in One’s Youth
  • Gender Power Dynamics
  • Overcoming Shame
  • Personal Reflection and Renewal

Having Monica Lewinsky to speak about mental health and all the other topics during Selichot is an opportunity for our synagogue to address an important and often overlooked aspect of personal growth and healing.

Monica’s own experiences have led her to become an international vocal advocate for mental health awareness, resilience, and empowerment, aligning with the themes of introspection and transformation that Selichot embodies.

Monica has been the lead speaker in a number of Jewish settings including synagogues and Jewish Federations. She kicked off her incredible public speaking career in a Ted Talk here in Vancouver almost ten years ago and continues be interviewed by major news outlet.

Her insights promise to shed light on the intersection of personal struggles and the path towards forgiveness, self-compassion, and renewed spiritual connection.

Registration is now open to Everyone!

Limited Seats Remaining!

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