Hebrew Free Loan Association: Israel Emergency Loan Program


In light of the horrific situation in Israel, HFLA is launching an emergency loan program aimed at helping those members of our community who may need to send financial assistance to their loved ones in Israel but are unable to do so because of their own financial constraints.

Our “Israel Emergency Loan Program” is designed to provide quick and accessible support to members of our community who may not be able to access traditional credit. The goal is to empower community
members to be able to send essential funds to loved ones in Israel who may be struggling to meet their basic needs during this difficult time.

Types of Loans Available:

We are offering two types of loans under our Israel Emergency Loan Program:

Emergency – This loan is for $1,000 and does not require applicants to undergo an interview or have a guarantor. If your application
is approved, you will receive your loan funds within 48 hours of application (likely sooner). You will then repay your loan at a rate of $50 per month for 20 months (or until the loan is repaid in full).

Long Term – This loan is for $6,000 and requires you to undergo an interview with an HFLA volunteer. You will also need to have
a Jewish guarantor who lives in British Columbia. Your application will be reviewed at one of our bi-monthly meetings (our next meeting is October 17th). If approved, your loan funds will be distributed about two days after our meeting. You will then repay
your loan at a rate of $150 per month for 40 months (or until the loan is repaid in full).

How to Apply:

To apply, please visit

For More Information:

We are here to help.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your application, please email our Executive Director, Joanna Wasel at

In these difficult times know that our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with the people of Israel and all those who hold them dear.





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