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More Than Life Insurance

The Genssante team has been working together for a long time, building relationships with clients, one satisfied customer at a time. It’s that sense of trust and ongoing connection that keep our clients coming back year after year.

We’re insurance brokers who care about the human side of the equation: the people in our corporate plans and the individuals who come to us for additional coverage. Whether corporate or personal, our purpose is to identify your goals and risk thresholds while balancing resources. We want to be sure you have a plan in place that meets your needs.

Ours is a long-term commitment to insuring your personal and corporate quality of life, through all stages of life. That includes updating your Quality of Life Program™ as your goals and needs change.

Staying Current

In the 20+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve also remained focused on continuously pursuing industry knowledge that can help our clients reach their goals. We’ve maintained our passionate interest in finding solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We stay current and we know the products we sell, inside out. In a nutshell, we know our stuff.

Genssante: How Do You Pronounce That?!

Genssante [say “gen-SŎN-tay”] literally means “people health” which captures our intent perfectly. We don’t mind if you mispronounce it, as long as you understand why it matters to us that you know where it comes from.

We went to a lot of trouble when we named our company. We didn’t want to be just another run of the mill health and benefits agency. We wanted our clients to know that we truly care about people and their physical, as well as financial, complete sense of well-being.

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