Chilliwack used book store parody video goes viral

Chilliwack used book store parody video goes viral

May 22, 2015 · Updated 1:06 PM

A parody video produced for a popular Chilliwack used book store has gone viral on Facebook with nearly 100,000 views in just four days.

The video for The Book Man (posted on its Facebook page here) is called All About Them Books, a parody of the hit pop song All About That Bass, according to producer Emily Hamel-Brisson.

“It’s been pretty mind-blowing how many people have watched it and are reacting so positively to it,” Hamel-Brisson told the Times Friday.

She said they have received comments and shares on Facebook from as far away as Austria.

“It’s weird and awesome.”

As of 1 p.m. on Friday, the video had 96,104 views and had been shared 4,448 times. (And while it’s a Facebook sensation, not so much on YouTube, at least yet. By Friday the version on YouTube only had about 400 views.)

The music video features singing and dancing inside the store with employees, friends, members of the local arts community, including some Chilliwack School of Performing Arts (CSOPA) students, and even some customers.

Hamel-Brisson came up with the idea for the video and it was shot and edited by local filmmaker Matthew Hawkins, and choreographed by Pauline Dynowski.

The video isn’t the first they have made for The Book Man, but it’s the first music video. Hamel-Brisson said she was looking at what other book stores around North America do “that is really funky.”

“We want The Book Man to not just be a book store but a place where people think of as cool and fresh and interesting,” she said. “It’s just something to promote the store and to get people who are creative out there doing something.”

Featured dancers in the video are Hamel-Brisson, Hanna Hotanen, Pauline Dynowski, Amber Bergeron, Katrina Barson, Elizabeth Faith Monaghan and Sheri Eyre. Vocals are by Emily Hamel-Brisson, Hanna Hotanen, Pauline Dynowski, Katrina Barson, Elizabeth Faith Monaghan and Brittany Waslen.

Hamel-Brisson said they are already excited about making their next video.

What’s it about?

“I won’t tell you, but it’s a Lady Gaga song.”

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