Beyond Oil Enters Into Strategic Agreement with West Coast Reduction


Beyond Oil Enters Into Strategic Opportunities & Distribution Agreement with West Coast Reduction Ltd.

Leading Canadian Used Cooking Oil Collection, Recycling, and Rendering Company to Distribute Beyond Oil’s Products in Canada and Washington State and Collaborate on Other Strategic Opportunities in North America.

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Beyond Oil is a registered company in Canada in the Canadian Securities Exchange here.

CSE Symbol: BOIL

A new medical review states: “using Beyond Oil technology for frying oil reduces mortality and morbidity from cancer and other diseases”

The review shows that reusing frying oil, as customary in restaurants and frying plants, endangers both consumers and workers, while using the Beyond Oil formula can mitigate those negative impacts. “Beyond Oil’s innovative solution makes a huge contribution to humanity and improves the general health of the population”’ says Prof. Oren Fruchter.

Scientific and medical community struggles constantly to defeat the different kinds of Cancer. Most of the time, those efforts sum up to treatments or medicines that helps coping with a pre-existing disease, in effort to stop its progress and prevent the replication of existing Cancer cells.

An Israeli Start-up, Beyond Oil, decided to address the root cause of the problem by dealing with one of the causes of Cancer – reusing frying oil for multiple times. By doing so, Beyond Oil intends to contribute to the prevention of Cancer, and according to a new medical review from September 21th, 2023 – it certainly succeeds in achieving this goal.

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“The use of Beyond Oil’s filter powder is a kind of preventive measure that will help reduce the morbidity and mortality from Cancers caused by exposure to frying fumes”, says the author of the review, Prof. Oren Fruchter, Internal and Pulmonary Medicine Specialist, Director of Pulmonary and Respiratory Intensive care Department at the Wolfson Medical Center and a Clinical Associate Professor and Faculty member at the Tel Aviv University School of Medicine.

Refrying oil – a main source for toxic compounds formation In his review, based on existing medical literature, including previous studies and publications by various legislative and health authorities, Prof. Fruchter first describes the damage caused by refrying vegetable oils, as known today. Heating vegetable oils to frying temperature, and reusing that same oil multiple times, as customary all around the world in restaurants, frying plants, hotel kitchens etc., causes the
formation of toxic compounds, such as PAH and acrylamide, that have the potential to cause genetic mutations and cancer. What are these compounds?

Research show that humans and animals exposed to PAH might suffer liver, kidney and eye damage (cataract), immune system impairment, reproduction and endocrine disorders, cardio-vascular diseases and different types of cancer, such as lung, bladder, skin and digestive system cancer. And this is only a partial list. Acrylamide has been shown to cause pancreas cancer, breast cancer, cancer of the central nervous system, scrotum and other cancer types. Exposure to acrylamide also increases the risk to suffer from cardio-vascular diseases.

Studies show: inhaling frying fumes endangers the kitchen workers Every person consuming food that was fried in vegetable oil is exposed to these toxic
compounds such as PAH and acrylamide. The extent of that exposure is growing every time the same oil is being used again. That’s why restaurants and industrial kitchen must replace their frying oil frequently. In addition, Prof. Fruchter quotes different researches in his review, showing that inhaling
the frying fumes is as dangerous as consuming the food that was fried in that oil. This endangers the kitchen workers who are exposed to these fumes throughout all their work day.

As a source to this conclusion, Prof. Fruchter mentions first of all the Park’s textbook of occupational pulmonary medicine, which states that inhaling frying fumes is an equivalent factor to smoking in causing COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. To that, he adds that inhaling the fumes of oil that was fried multiple times is one of the main causes to lung cancer, and provides a number of research conclusions, such as:

 A unique position paper issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), dedicated to the subject of frying fumes and stating that the fumes include a number of harmful substances, such as PAH.

 Researches showing increasing morbidity of lung and bladder cancer among kitchen and food industry workers.

 A Research conducted within 23 Chinese restaurants in 2008, showing significantly higher PAH levels among kitchen workers compared to other employees.

 Researches showing statistically significant association between exposure to frying fumes and lung cancer. Four of those researches were conducted by WHO and another one from 2001 was led by a leading investigator on the US National Cancer Institute.

“There is a robust scientific evidence supporting a casual relationship between exposure to high-temperature frying products and lung cancer in humans”, says Prof. Fruchter in his review. “in addition, it appears that the main mechanism involves exposure to PAH and AA (Acrylamide) emitted during the frying process”.

Beyond Oil’s solution

The solution to those problems is an innovative, unique and patent-protected technology, developed by Beyond Oil – An Israeli Food-Tech company, based in a Kibbutz called Yifat in northern Israel, and traded on the Canadian stock market under the symbol BOIL.CN.

The Beyond Oil Formula prevents the formation of toxic compounds as a result of refrying vegetable oils and multiplies the oil lifespan by 300 to 1000 percents. The formula is approved by all senior regulation authorities, including the FDA, the NSF and the Canadian health authorities, and patent protected in USA, Europe and Israel.

In his review, Prof. Fruchter examines how using the formula affects vegetable oils that are being fried multiple times. His conclusions take into consideration the results of previous research conducted by Prof. Nissim Gerty, Emeritus Professor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the former chairman of its Chemistry department.

The conclusions are unambiguous: after 22 days of frying with the same oil, treated with the Beyond Oil formula, the level of Acrylamide in the oil was 0. The same amount of Acrylamide was found in the oil after 51 days of frying. PAH level in the oil after 51 days of frying was 8.62 micrograms – half the amount formatted in oil that was not treated by the formula, after only 3 days of frying.

“These findings are of paramount importance regarding the toxicity and rate of development of these compounds in fried oil”, says Prof. Fruchter and writes in his conclusions: “Adopting the technology and using Beyond Oil’s filter powder will enable the food industry to provide safer and healthier food to consumers along with a safer work environment for kitchen workers exposed to frying fumes. Beyond Oil’s innovative solution makes a huge contribution to humanity in the medical field’ reducing morbidity and mortality from cancers caused by exposure to frying fumes, thereby making a great contribution to improving the general health of the population”.

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Beyond Oil Announces Publication of Medical Opinion by Director of Pulmonary Division at Wolfson Medical Center on Beyond Oil’s Innovative
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