Ofra’s Catering – An Authentic Israeli Cuisine

Now accepting orders.

Shabbat dinner? Office lunch/party? Party of two? Party of 100?

Hummus platters? Salads? A whole meal?

I am here for your extraordinaire culinary needs.

Ofra’s dishes are made with quality, fresh ingredients, that makes unique, healthy and tasty dishes.

Orders can be made to fit your needs and budget.

To order, please send an email to: ofra007@hotmail.com

Ofra’s catering Inc.

Ofra’s Offers vegetarian/vegan dishes that will surprise you in their taste, richness and their healthy ingredients.

G/F (Gluten free) options available.

Serving 2 – 100 people party

                                             $25 per person includes:

3 Salads of your choice, one main dish pita (1 per person) and two different deserts.


Israeli salad: Tomato, cucumber, pepper, red onion, mint, lemon, olive oil.

Moroccan carrot: Carrots, cilantro, spices, lemon and olive oil

Babaganoosh: Roasted eggplant, tahini, lemon and spices

Ofra’s famous Hummus: Chickpeas, tahini, lemon, cumin,  delicious

Pasta salad: Pasta, cucumber, tomato, red onions, chickpeas cilantro, olive oil, spices, lemon

Barba: Moroccan beets, Beets, spices, lemon, olive oil.

Seasonal roasted vegetables: An array of roasted seasonal vegetables

                                                     Main course

Stuffed eggplant: Three layers of goodness, Rice, Vegan meat, roasted eggplant and garnish.


Shawarma: This Shawarma will amaze you. Soy curls, secret spices served on Rice or a bed of Hummus

(Chicken shawarma available upon request)


Schnitzel: Soya Schnitzel, like no other.

(Chicken Schnitzel available upon request)


Falafel: Ofra’s Falafel are famous. They are the best and only real Israeli chickpea Falafel served with Hummus, Israeli salad and pita  

Sabih: fried eggplant, hardboiled egg, salad, hummus, amba tahini, makes this dish a unique and much loved dish.                                                    


Malabi: Milk desert, corn flour, sugar, rosewater, nuts, homemade syrup, shredded coconut

Vegan Baklava: layered of Phyllo pastry filled with Pistachio, covered in homemade syrup

Delivery available for extra fee depending on party site location

Price is subject to GST and 15% services charge

To order, please send an email to ofra007@hotmail.com

Ofra’s Catering INC.


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Ofra’s Catering – An Authentic Israeli Cuisine