Mrs. Sarah Netanyahu visits Vancouver

Mrs. Sarah Netanyahu was recently in Vancouver, for a private visit. As a means of recognizing both Vancouver’s all-volunteer efforts in support of MDA and the outstanding work (which is over 80% delivered by volunteers) of MDA itself in Israel, Mrs. Netanyahu expressed great pleasure at the opportunity to pose for a photo I honoring the organization, held in such esteem by Israelis: Magen David Adom was ranked by residents of Israel as the 2nd most beloved organization – with an approval rating of 86.8%, following the IDF which scored top marks with an approval rating of 90%.

In a brief meeting with Mrs. Netanyahu, there was discussion of her tour of MDA facilities and time spent with volunteers in Israel during Operation Protective Edge, as well as the involvement of our local youth from the GVRD serving with MDA in Israel as volunteer medics during the same operation.

Mrs. Netanyahu also learned of the ambulance recently inscribed with a dedication to PM Harper, whereupon the First Lady praised Canada as being a country with a very special place in her heart.


Every member of Magen David Adom in BC is a volunteer, drawn by the opportunity to be part of something bigger.

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