Jacob Sheep making Aliyah soon and need your help today!

Jacob Sheep making Aliyah soon and need your help today!
Please come visit the Jacob Sheep flock on our open house, July 10, 2016 and see the flock before their historical return to Eretz Israel. The open house is free. Please bring friends and family to see the unique flock of biblical sheep!
The Jacob Sheep are the descendents of sheep owned by Yaakov Avinu and the ancient Hebrews and were created when Yaakov laboured for his uncle Laban as written in the Book of Genesis. They were dispersed from Israel approximately 2500 years ago.
The project is enthusiastically supported by the Embassy of Israel in Ottawa and El Al, who has agreed to fly the sheep home from Toronto at a heavily subsidized cost.
The Jacob Sheep are a blessing to the Jewish community, bringing positive world coverage to Vancouver and to Jewish values regarding agriculture and animals.
Channel 20 (hebrew): https://youtu.be/fambrmCTJqs
Our Website: http://www.friendsofthejacobsheep.com    Facebook: Friends of the Jacob Sheep
It is a mitzvah to support the return of our biblical national animal back home to Israel. Please support our crowdfunding initiative to fundraise money for their return and to help prepare a Heritage Park for their arrival in Israel.
We need $35 000 to transport the sheep out of Canada. These expenses include specialized transport from BC to Toronto, medical testing, quarentine fees, sheep feed, and portion of El Al flight that is not subsidized. The sheep also need $170 000 to build a Heritage Park for their conservation. These expenses include specialized fencing, barn facilities and administration offices.
Donations can be received either through our website (http://www.friendsofthejacobsheep.com/donate.html, or to our crowdfunding campaign (http://www.gofundme.com/jacobsheep)
Toda Raba and looking forward to seeing you at the Jacob Sheep!
Gil and Jenna Lewinsky,
Friends of the Jacob Sheep



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